Conductive Catch'em All

What works - and what doesn't? Using your MaKey MaKey board, try making the Bleating Sheep or Very Fruity Piano projects using different conductive materials from around the house. See the picture above for some inspiration.

How does it work?

If what you're testing has just a little conductivity, you can turn it into a key with the MaKey MaKey. Imagine a circuit (circle) going from the MaKey MaKey, up the earth cable (in your hand) and through you, and then through the item you're touching, back to the MaKey MaKey board. That circuit sends a signal - and your computer can't tell the difference between a signal coming from the MaKey MaKey and a signal coming from an actual keyboard. Why not try ketchup, cheese, paint, or play-doh? Even people are conductive! Connect one person to ground, and another to an input, and you can trigger sounds when they high-five.

Get exploring:

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Stuff you'll need:

If you're doing this project at home or in school, you will need:

  • 1 MaKey MaKey board
  • 1 USB cable
  • A handful of cables

If you're doing the project in one of our workshops, you'll need the stuff from the Red Kit Red Kit

For teachers

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