About us

DigiCrafters are digital making projects, perfect for groups of kids aged 7-12.

DigiCrafters is a series of learning, discovery and making projects, designed to introduce young people to physical computing. The projects aim to give kids a fun, easy and creative way to discover sensors, microprocessors and circuits.

Why did we make this?

DigiCrafters started out as a series of exploratory workshops with the students at the Self-Managed Learning College in Brighton, UK. Each project was inspired by the curiosity and enthusiasm of the group we worked with.

Who are we?

We are Alex, Andy and Marie: three banana-wielding, egg-smashing MSc students. We're currently studying human-computer interaction at the University of Sussex and we built DigiCrafters for a module called Technology-Enhanced Learning Environments, taught by Dr. Judith Good.

We want to thank:

  • The awesome students who built the project with us
  • Dr. Ian Cunningham and the staff at Self-Managed Learning College
  • Kate Genevieve and Dave Packer
  • Our voice-over artists Naomi and Jenny
  • Dr. Judith Good